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Monday, June 18, 2012

Democracy - it's not for Islamophobes

For most people, the big story from Egypt is that the army (still loyal to successors of ousted military dictator Hosni Mubarak) made sure in advance of the election that it would retain most of the important political powers regardless of who won. Unsurprisingly, in the first free democratic election for decades, the "anyone but a Mubarak supporter" candidate won, to wit the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi.

"Grave setback for democracy and revolution," tweeted former U.N. diplomat and Nobel peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei. "SCAF (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) retains legislative power, strips president of any authority over army and solidifies its control," he added.

Most reports reckon that an effective military takeover in the face of replacement of army rule by civilian government is a bad thing.

For Bonni Benstock-Intall and the other crazies at HalfBakedIslam, however, the bad news is the democratic election.

ADHD June 17, 2012 at 11:30 pm
Israel had better immediately dispatch all Moslem “refugees” from its land post-haste and prepare for a flood of Coptic Christians – who, as the price of their freedom, ought to be required to help guard the borders against the Arabs.

Then, the very instant the Egyptians declare war upon Israel (as they’re now GUARANTEED to do!!!!), the Israelis should promptly invade and annex Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula (and also the West Bank) – and drive out ALL the “Palestinians” and others there, turn the Suez Channel and the Jordan River into the new frontier and put all terrorist groups on notice that ANY incursions into the new enlarged Israel will be met with the sternest possible measures against the Moslems’ holy-cities!! It also would do well to promptly renounce its membership in the United Nations and make it very clear that it will NOT be pressured by ANY of the UN’s “declarations”!!!

And after that modest proposal, Bonni herself merely hopes the army will add to its usurpation of power by murdering the elected president. (Something the HalfBakes wish would happen to their OWN elected president....)

barenakedislam June 18, 2012 at 1:36 pm
James, the Army hates the brothers. And they will do all they can to stifle his powers. If we’re lucky, they will take him out.


This newer post is even funnier in its solicitous concern for the poor Egyptian generals struggling to hold onto power in the face of tedious popular elections. And one of the commenters, as well as referring to William Hague as "that idiot with the stupid accented voice" (no dear, English is OUR language - YOU are the ones with the "stupid accented voices": deal with it) demands that President Assad be left in peace to slaughter his people (who are all just "terrorists"). We can't have democracy upsetting the smooth rule of military fascists, after all. The other comments are all just Loon Central conspiracy stuff: President Obama is a traitor/Muslim/Arab (funny, I thought he was supposed to be Kenyan?)/Marxist who hates America and Israel (say the so-called "patriots"). LOL. What will these guys all do when Obama is re-elected in November? Time to dig out my copy of When Prophecy Fails again, I think.....


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