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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A country I would be proud to be deported from

Picture this. You arrive at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport. The Israeli immigration authorities demand to access your personal email account (without a search warrant, making it an illegal act under Israeli law, but hey, if the Israeli government worried about obeying its own laws it couldn't have executed Adolf Eichmann). If the government agents don't like what they find after going through all your emails and Facebook pages, they deport you. They don't let you contact your embassy, nor do they notify the embassy themselves of your deportation (illegal under international law, but the Israeli government doesn't even recognise the existence of any laws or treaties it didn't write itself).

I wouldn't worry too much about the lack of embassy contact if I were a US citizen, though. Apparently the US embassy in Tel Aviv will only help you if you're Jewish. I have enough national pride and faith in my country to hope that the British embassy would be less cravenly complicit in the illegal behaviour of this vile theocratic dictatorship (and if I'm ever at Ben Gurion and asked by the Gestapo to open up my blog, I'll bring them here first, freedom-hating cowards that they are). (Waves...)


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