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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bring me sunshine

And here is a picture (sorry, but the page wouldn't let me copy it) of an Ovaltine Show. These were annual variety shows sponsored by Ovaltine's manufacturers. The family always went to one (my Dad had to go and schmooze customers at the interval), but in the case of the 1968 show shown here we went to at least three: Morecambe and Wise were that good.

Over the years of going to the shows I saw Roy Castle, Ken Dodd, Kenneth McKellar, Sheila Southern, Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson, Morecambe and Wise, Tommy Trinder, Arthur Askey, Mike Yarwood, Arthur Worsley, Saveen, The Three Monarchs, Norman Wisdom, and of course Eric Delaney and his band. In that obituary picture Eric is bald: I remember over the years seeing his hairline recede until miraculously it regrew (he had acquired a wig).

This number was always part of Eric's set:

When you consider that over the same years my brother was taking me to see Dylan, Zappa, the Incredible String Band, Stan Getz, Ravi Shankar..... it's no surprise that my musical tastes ended up very broad indeed.


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