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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BNI must stand for "Breton Nationalist Insulter"

Bonni of Bare Naked Islam, the Nazi we most love to laugh at, likes living dangerously. I'm not referring to her constant calls for the overthrow of President Obama (without bothering to wait for that boring election crap), which doubtless has her on all kinds of Secret Service watchlists. Nor do I mean her libelling of George Soros as having helped murder Jews in an extermination camp during WW2, which will presumably earn her a visit from Mr Soros's lawyers (if it hasn't happened already - she does seem to have dialled that one back a little).

No, I'm referring to her recent report on the attempt by Islamists to disrupt a conference on immigration in Vannes. As you can read here, their attempt was foiled by a bunch of guys from the Breton People's Party and Young Brittany. If the names didn't give it away, these chappies are Breton nationalists, seeking a Brittany no longer part of France.

Bonni must have spotted that, because at one point she describes them as "young Breton nationalists". But not having much between the ears, she later describes them as "French crusaders"; and to cap it all she headlines her piece "Kickass French Patriots literally kicked the asses of a gang of Muslim thugs".

Well, Bonni, I realise you're unlikely ever to venture out of the USA given your contempt for international travellers, but if you ever set foot in Brittany I can safely say that if you refer to Breton nationalists as "French" yours is the ass that will be kicked. Or worse: let's remember that in the days before Anders Breivik cornered the market in European terrorism, the vast majority of European terrorist incidents were carried out by separatist groups of various kinds.


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