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Thursday, June 14, 2012

BlairSupporter stoops to abusing women for their appearance, Perhaps he'd be happier if they were all veiled?

I was planning to post on a different piece of lunacy from Uncle Jimmy (BlairSupporter) but I had a look at his site and he;s been a very busy boy just recently, and one of his posts caught my eye.

My first thought was "Typical Islamophobic twaddle from BlairSupporter". Then I realised that although no other source is cited, it didn't really look like one of Jimmy's: I may not like the guy one bit, but he doesn't generally make cheap jibes about people based solely on their appearance. I though the "apology" at the bottom might be real Jimmy, not least because if its totally random link to an article on cervical cancer which had me Googling Susan Boyle to see if I'd missed some piece of news.

Anyway, I fired up Google with some of the text, and found variants of the piece cropping up all over the place atleast as far back as 2009. Interestingly, that version of the spoof is longer but lacks the personal abuse of some prominent "virgin" or other. There are other old versions which use Helen Thomas, for example, but the Susan Boyle version has been around since 2010 if not longer.

Jimmy's piece is prefaced by the words "YouGorraLarf Saturday!" While there's no hyperlink, I wondered whether this was maybe a description of wherever he happened to find this piece of old tired stereotpying. However, Google gave nothing helpful for YouGorraLarf.

But hey, if Jimmy is happy to appear to be not only a hater of Muslims and trade unions (which we knew) but also years behind the times (that too) and a plagiarist (which I hadn't caught him out in) who am I to complain? To me, his sole function is to make people laugh with his ridiculous drivel. this "joke" isn't funny, but the fact that Jimmy likes it enough to pretend it's his own work, and doesn't even notice how old it is: now that's funny.


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