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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Apartheid: leave it at home

A federal judge has quite rightly thrown out a claim by a hotel in Washington DC that it had the right to discriminate against Muslim employees because of a "national security exemption". Huh?

It turns out that a delegation of Israelis was staying on the 8th and 9th floors of the hotel, and Muslim staff were barred from visiting those floors.

According to the suit, when the Muslim employee asked why he was barred from those floors, he was told by a supervisor, "You know how the Israelis are with Arabs and Muslims." As quoted in CAIR's lawsuit, another hotel supervisor allegedly stated that "the Israeli delegation does not want to be served by Defendant's Muslim employees and that Defendant accommodates this preference because it does not want to lose the Israeli delegation as clients."

Well, someone needs to tell the Israeli delegation, and all future Israeli delegations, and Israeli tourists, that if they want to be allowed into developed countries with human rights and stuff like that they have to leave their third-world habits of racial and religious segregation and discrimination at home. In America, if you stay in a hotel you get served by the hotel staff. Not only by white staff, or Jewish staff, or able-bodied staff, or male staff, or heterosexual staff. You get served by the Americans (or in Scotland by Scots, or in Germany by Germans) in whose country you are a guest. You want to act like Nazis? Go home to Israel and join a mob beating up Sudanese immigrants.

I'm pretty certain that if a delegation of Israelis or anybody else tried to pull a stunt like that in, say, Edinburgh, it wouldn't be a case of the hotel saying yes sir, no sir and the staff having to go to law. It's a pretty simple calculation after all: on the one hand, lose one Israeli delegation's custom: on the other, lose everybody else's, forever. I'm pretty certain that any reputable hotel's management would show the "delegation" politely onto the street, probably pausing only to alert the press so they could send a film crew round.


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