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Friday, May 25, 2012

When Will They Ever Learn, When Will They Ever Learn?

I just read a couple of terrific articles via the stopwar.org.uk site.

Here is the first.

And here is the second.

Both are worth reading in full. I mean, I knew that it was the USA which brought an end to the last democratic government in Iran in 1953 (installing a military dictator instead). I knew that Iran has no nuclear weapons programme, and I knew that Ahmadinejad's much-quoted "wipe Israel off the map" is a deliberate mistranslation bearing no relation to Iran's (or Ahmedinejad's) policies or desires whatsoever. I even knew that the CIA has been murdering Iranian scientists. I knew all that because I'm not stupid, can read, and take an interest in foreign affairs. I did not know, however, that Israel has been blowing up Iranian buildings, or that when Dick Cheney was VP he seriously discussed provoking a war with Iran by building fake Iranian vessels and filling them with US Navy SEALS who would be ordered to fire on US merchant ships in the Straits of Hormuz. Nor that the American Enterprise Institute considers that the worst case would not be for Iran to use a nuclear weapon, but for Iran to develop one and then responsibly to refrain from using it (like everyone else with nukes since 1945): because that would undermine the case for war against Iran. (Links to evidence provided in the articles.)

Read the articles and despair. Or better still, protest and campaign.


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