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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Watching the loons

I was reading a post on Loonwatch about some ridiculous Teapublican congressional wannabe who was trotting out the usual lie about President Obama being a Muslim. Same old same old, and not interesting: but the post has a good comment by Zakariya Ali Sher, part of which I reproduce here because I like it so much:

But then that’s what it really is about. Identity politics. Obama NEEDS to be identified as a ‘Muslim’ because these people cannot believe he is a Christian. To their minds, Obama represents the opposite of everything they believe in. He is the Antichrist, both figuratively and literally. They cannot believe that a ‘red blooded Christian American’ would be so liberal. Therefore, they play up the idea that Obama is somehow foreign, alien. He is black, he is an African, he is a Muslim. He is anything that they view as different from them, and in their bizarre world, Islam becomes some sort of bizarre ideology melding fundamentalism with Communism and liberalism. How atheism melds with one of the most vehemently monotheistic faiths on earth I don’t know, but that seems to be the case in their mind.

The idea that one is ‘born Muslim’ and cannot change is extremely interesting to me because many of these same people also believe the miraculous conversion stories of hucksters like Kamal Saleem, Ali Sina, Nonie Darwish, Bridgette Gabriel, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Ergun Caner. Of course, unlike those individuals, Obama is a Liberal and thus the enemy. While he goes to a church, he goes to a black church with a history political activism. Those individuals are affiliated with charismatic/Evangelical churches, ones which are largely identified with white middle class Americans. And they tell their audiences exactly what they want to hear about a shadowy Muslim threat. But they cannot escape the fact that these individuals were (or claim to have been) Muslims. I wonder what fate genocide advocates envision for them? Would they be the first to be executed in Breivik and Spencer’s world, or the last? After all, we can never be trusted.


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