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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vaginas are like buses: you wait for ages then....

This story was referred to me by a Facebook friend because of its profusion of intrusive apostrophes (the referral was via a group called "Apostrophe Man is my hero"). OK, "two vagina's, as well as two uterus's and two cervix's" does cause me to gnash my tooth's, but my mind was a little busy boggling.

I had two thoughts. The first was inspired by the final line of the article "she will gladly show off her condition to curious people". Hell, I'm curious, and mainly not in a nudge-nudge way (I have no clue as to whether I'd find the sight erotic or just too weird) but genuinely interested. A little Googling of the condition seems to suggest side-by-side rather than one-above-the-other, but my curiosity is definitely engaged.

And the other thought was that when Ms Jones mentioned losing her virginity twice, without really thinking I began to hum Pulp's This Is Hardcore ("Oh that goes in there. Then that goes in there. Then that goes in there. Then that goes in there. And then it's over.") Could have been worse I suppose: could have been Abba....


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