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Friday, May 25, 2012

State-sponsored terrorist attacks in the Middle East

Another terrorist attack in the Israeli Occupied Territories. But don't expect this one to be met with air strikes or dozens of reprisal murders: this time the IDF were there beforehand. Of course, they didn't simply stand by and watch: at least some of the weapons used were provided by the IDF.

No doubt the Israeli authorities will follow up this shooting incident with their normal vigour: the same they showed after this terrorist fire-bombing in the same area.

And here we have an exercise designed to raise morale in the Israeli Prison Service by dragging Palestinian prisoners from their beds at gunpoint (for no other reason than to make the guards feel good about themselves), beating them, abusing them and shooting a few. And hey, one died, but the important thing is that the guards felt really big and strong and important, just like the brave soldiers of the IDF who make sure they have children to hide behind when doing anything dangerous.

And this from the country which is always being held up as "the only democracy in the Middle East". Democracy my arse.


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