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Monday, May 28, 2012

Spice Route

On Saturday night Hilary and I were playing in a concert given by Edinburgh Light Orchestra at the Queen's Hall. Usual light orchestral fare: selections from musicals, themes from TV programmes, and a suite this suite of music from The Sea Hawk, which took me back to my childhood. (Difficult stuff to play, though, being Korngold.) Some lovely singing from baritone Bruce Graham too.

Anyway, in the morning we had a rehearsal, and after that we needed to go into the centre of town to buy a new wi-fi router, our old one having retired itself on Friday evening. About an hour before our rehearsal ended, the Scottish Defence League were due to have a demonstration, which the police were keeping penned up out of decent folks' way in Regent Road.

We found an excellent way to combine grabbing something to eat and ensuring that none of the SDL fascists would bother us: we had lunch in the Edinburgh Mosque Kitchen. We hadn't eaten there before, but will certainly be back: excellent food and excellent value (I have falafel, vegetable curry and rice for £4.50). Very friendly folk too.

We didn't see any of the SDL hooligans in the end, though we saw a large number of police between us and where they might have been. And the new router works just fine.

Update: here's the BBC report on the protests, which passed off without incident, I'm happy to say. It appears the anti-SDL Unite Against Fascism demo had three times as many people as the SDL one. I liked this comment from one of the UAF marchers:

Kirsty Bell, 20, from Edinburgh, told the BBC Scotland news website: "I came here today to stand up against the SDL. It is disgusting that they don't want anyone in Scotland who is from another country. My granddad is from Poland so they are basically saying they don't want me here, so that is why I have come to the march."


At 28 May, 2012 00:48, Blogger Eddie Louise said...

One of our many ESL students introduced us to the EMK - we ate there many times. Along with the Saunders family, tt is on the 'list' of things we miss about Edinburgh!

At 28 May, 2012 13:53, Blogger Rob said...

Aw, shucks.....thank you!


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