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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The police and CPS know that crimes are committed by criminals, who may be of any colour or religion depending where they come from. How hard is that to understand?

Even my non-UK readers are probably aware that there have been a couple of recent court cases, in Rochdale and Liverpool, in which a number of Asian men (mostly of Pakistani or Afghan backgrounds) have been convicted of a catalogue pretty grim incidents where young (white) girls were tricked into going with one of the men before being raped by the rest of them. A number of people, including Nick Griffin of the BNP, Trevor Phillips of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and Baroness Warsi (co-chair of the Conservative Party) have emphasised the racial element in the case, as though this were in some way a uniquely Muslim (or Pakistani, or Asian) sort of way to behave. Meanwhile, people one might presume to be more knowledgeable about crime such as the Northwest regional director of the Crown Prosecution Service (Nazir Aftal) and the Assistant Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police (Steve Heywood) warned against playing the race card, patiently explaining that when crimes are committed in an area largely populated by Asians the perpetrators will tend to be Asian. (Duh.)

But let's not take their word for it. In the Sunday Times (not a paper known for its sympathy for immigrants, socialists or political correctness) last week (13 May) a report explained

"While much of the coverage of the Liverpool trial focused on the fact that the perpetrators were Asian, those working in the field warn against attaching too much significance to race. Traffickers tend to reflect the demographic of the area. In Bristol it is Somali men; in Oldham, Derby and Middlesbrough they tend to be Afghans and Turks: in London they are Afro-Caribbean and in Devon and Cornwall they are white British."

Then of course there is this report. And this one. Oh, and this one.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the reason for citing these reports from Northern Ireland is that its ethnic make-up is overwhelmingly white Christian. So if sexual exploitation of children (and others) is primarily to do with feelings of superiority among Muslim men, how to explain the greater incidence of it in part of the UK where there are hardly any Muslims at all?

Or to return to the Sunday Times article, let's take Devon and Cornwall, where three cases a week of sex trafficking are reported to the police. And what are the demographics for Devon and Cornwall? 95% white and only 1.6% Asian, that's what.

So please will the attention-seekers and racists shut up and leave discussion of crime statistics and population demographics to those who know what they're talking about?


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