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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Over my dead body (either that, or those of thousands of my countrymen)

I find this story deeply worrying for many reasons. A major increase in US government military spending, and a change in US foreign policy, slipped through Congress with hardly any discussion? Only two Congressmen voted against it? (Let's hear it for Ron Paul and John Dingell, two Congressmen who put America's interests before those of foreign countries.) It contravenes the Symington Amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act by providing military assistance to a country with unregulated and uninspected nuclear weapons, and is thus arguably an act of treason.

Oh, and it calls for the United States to support the entry of Israel into NATO. Now THAT strikes close to home, as if Israel is allowed into NATO (which one can only hope is a Teapublican fantasy, but with Pres. Obama's spinelessness when it comes to Israel, who can tell?) my taxes will be paying for, and my countrymen potentially dying for, Netanyahu's attempts to spread his reign of theocratic terror from "all his immediate neighbours" to "anywhere else we like the look of and feel like settling our thugs in". One can only hope that however gutless President Obama and his minions are, the other NATO countries will take a more sensible view of a rogue state with uninspected nuclear weapons and a propensity for launching invasions and sneak attacks (not to say murdering other NATO countries' citizens).


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