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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Funny to see a failed politician who spent his career opposing unions suddenly finding one he's interested in

Uncle Jimmy has stopped posting lies and hypocrisy (oh, don't worry, I'm sure normal service will soon be resumed) in favour of dredging up interminable posts from his archive about how the "cash for peerages" enquiry into allegations of corrupotion under Blair meant that Britain was becoming a police state, or some such nonsense. Which is surprising in a week when there has actually been a story about Tony Blair's impending return to British politics. You would think as that is something Jimmy has been calling for ever since Blair cut and ran, and especially as he pretends to be a Glaswegian himself (incidentally, another reason I call him Jimmy) that Jimmy would be filling his blog with this wonderful news. Labour Party calls on Blair for help? Blair to the rescue?


Of course, maybe he just had the sense to realise how Blair's involvement in a campaign to save the Union would play in Scotland. I'm sure the SNP are partying like it's 1314 right now at the thought of Blair campaigning against them. This is the man who while supposedly camapigning for devolution said that if the Scottish people voted for a parliament with tax-raising powers he would veto any attempt to use them. That is to say, he forgot that he was supposed to be in favour of such a parliament; he set himself up as being a better judge of such matters than a referendum of the Scottish people; and he fondly imagined that in the event of a parliament's being established he would have a veto to exercise. Tactical imbecility, an arrogant assumption that he knows better than "little people" who have to work for a living, and the even greater arrogance of imagining that anyone gave then, or gives now, a flying fuck for his opinion. Oh, I can't wait.

The comments under the Guardian article are all pretty funny, but I was especially taken by the one which read "You can mock, but intelligence sources conclude that Alex Salmond has existing and active military plans for the use of chemical and biological weapons, which could be activated within 45 minutes, including against his own English population."


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