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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My monarch, 'tis of thee, 'Cos it's your Jubilee, Of thee I sing

This Saturday my main orchestra (Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra) is doing a programme with an American theme. The main work is Dvorak's "New World" symphony, which is preceded by Barry Deacon playing Copland's clarinet concerto (written for Benny Goodman). The programme begins with William Schuman's orchestration of Charles Ives's delightfully anarchich variations for organ on "America". Or as we know it over here, "God save The Queen". It's sheer coincidence that we ended up playing that piece so close to Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee, but you can't fight serendipity.

Here's the best version I could find on Youtube. The first time we read it through, the "ting" from the glockenspiel at 1:29 reduced the entire orchestra to giggles. It's that kind of piece. Enjoy it


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