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Monday, May 21, 2012

Is telling Eine Kleine Nichtmusik from Intergalactic Source of Truth really that much harder than telling shit from Shinola?

I just checked my secondary email account (the one where comments to this blog get echoed) and found that I'd been spammed by this piece of Teapublican shit who had in some way attached my email address to the blog of "Col. Bunny". I suppose "Col. Bunny", perpetrator of this even greater heap of dung, may have found it funny to pretend to be me, but I doubt he has the gumption to try. I suspect it's simply some kind of screw-up by one or other of these antiscience jerks who are still waiting for the stars to align properly so that they can enter the fifteenth century.

Anyway, any further communication from either of these creeps other than via comments to the blog will be met with extreme prejudice via Google's Department of Vermin Extermination. Teapublicans are fine in their place, which is either in a comment box where everyone can giggle at their ignorance, or somewhere off-planet without a spacesuit. (I'm sorry June, I can't do that.)

Of course, in the unlikely even that June or Bunny shows up in a comment box with an apparent willingness to learn something, there may be no necessity to point and laugh. Until then, these buffoons are easily as hilarious as Bonni or Jimmy, and probably no danger to the public. Enjoy.


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