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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Incy wincy spider.....

OK, better excuse than usual for not posting recently: on Friday 20 April I noticed that my left hand wasn't responding properly when it came to fine control or fine sensation. I was heading out for my delayed night out to celebrate my leaving my job with Lloyds Banking Group, so I kept a watchful eye on how the hand was doing as the evening progressed. It didn't get worse but it didn't get better either, and while I was on the bus home my arm began to twitch. By the time I was walking from the bus stop to my house it was jerking violently, so when I got in I got my wife to call an ambulance.The paramedics confirmed that I hadn't had a stroke and said they'd be about an hour. I got my wife to help me off and on with my trousers so I could go to the loo, and just as she was helping me zip up I had a major seizure (arm jerked very violently, buzzing noise in head, woke up in ambulance). Apparently I'd got jammed in our small downstairs toilet and had to be hauled out by wife/paramedic/daughter's boyfriend, none of which roused me from my unconsciousness. So off to A&E
at the Royal Infirmary, where I had a CT scan and another seizure. They reckoned it was a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage, and sent me to the Western General Hospital's neuroscience unit (by now it was around lunchtime on the Saturday). Two more seizures and a procession of doctors and nurses asking me if I knew where I was and what day it was. Then the electrical storms abated and I caught up with some normal sleep. next day (Sunday) I had an MRI/angiogram, which showed no sign of the bleed or of what might have caused it (seemingly not uncommon). So a few days in hospital on various drugs, another CT/angiogram (clear) and then sent home. All pretty pedestrian compared with the brain tumours, non-cancerous cysts, and aneurysms in the adjacent beds (the aneurysm guy had £25,000-worth of coiled Platinum wire added to his brain: I got a prescription for Levetiracetam).

Anyway, thanks to the many doctors, nurses, porters, cooks and radiographers who provided the famously excellent free medical care we still have in the UK. Even the hospital food was OK.


At 03 May, 2012 14:12, Blogger Persephone said...

Crud. Glad you're okay. (You are okay, aren't you?) Yikes.

At 04 May, 2012 21:46, Blogger Rob said...

I'm fine, thanks. Picked up my usual chest infection in hospital but have antibiotics for that. Everything neurological present and correct. Waiting to hear whether I can drive again or if I have to wait a bit (the government guidelines are ambiguous).

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