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Monday, May 28, 2012

Heads you lose

As well as being obsessed by halal food, Bonni has a thing about beheadings. Not that she thinks they're barbaric, or anything like that. No, she thinks they're wonderful, as we saw in this post where I listed some of her especially delightful calls for those who disagree with her to be tortured, beheaded and/or genitally mutilated, all on television of course so she can watch.

She's still at it. Recently we've had her gloating over the beheading of a Muslim by Russian neo-Nazi barbarians: she likes it so much she posts a video of the guy having his head hacked off. (Funnily enough, she doesn't seem troubled by his being conscious rather than stunned.) We've also had her expression of regret that some American I'd never heard of called Omar Hammadi had NOT in fact been beheaded. Because nothing displays one's love of America, American values and the United States Constitution like sitting on one's ignorant butt watching Americans being beheaded on TV. I'm sure Bonni likes to imagine she is in some weird way morally superior to the Taleban or al-Qaeda.

She isn't.