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Friday, May 04, 2012

He was funnier when he still thought it was acceptable to equate leftists with gays and to claim that only white people were really British

Uncle Jimmy has been pretty boring recently. Since jumping on the Murdoch/Daily Mail bandwagon of posting clips from Big Brother when George Galloway kicked Labour's arse from here to Tuesday (in the Bradford West by-election) he's done little except stick to his knitting (or in his case, Blair-boot-licking). He helped the right-wing media propagate the lie that Lord Nazir Ahmed had offered a bounty on President Obama (something the paper which had reported it rapidly apologised for). But then why would Jimmy bother his racist little head about what brown people put in their newspapers, especially when in contradicts his lovely fiction? Good grief, far from admitting he'd published a libel, Jimmy added inventions of his own. According to Jimmy, Lord Nazir Ali had issued death threats against George W Bush and Tony Blair (to say nothing of President Obama). In his own words:

In both reports, unless BOTH misreported him, he called for a “bounty”

Now I’m not sure what YOU think when someone used the word “bounty”. Personally I imagine a wild west type poster with “dead or alive” in bold lettering.

Leaving aside how revealing it is of Jimmy's origins that the image that comes to mind is of a Wild West poster, clearly the poor colonial boy needs a lesson in British English.

A bounty (from Latin bonitās, goodness) is a payment or reward often offered by a group as an incentive for the accomplishment of a task by someone usually not associated with the group. Bounties are most commonly issued for the capture or retrieval of a person or object. They are typically in the form of money.

Lord Nazir Ali was quite clear: he was offering money in order to have Messrs Bush and Blair brought to trial for their crimes against humanity. The International Criminal Court doesn't issue death sentences: perhaps Jimmy is confusing it with the kangaroo court which hanged Saddam Hussein.

Anyway, apart from that one piece of egregious lying, it's mostly been boot-licking from Jimmy. A couple of examples are worth reprinting, though. Have a guess as to what significant award all the wickedly biased British media failed to advertise for Darling Tony (or as Jimmy put it, "If the Mail, Guardian, Independent, BBC & the rest haven't told you of this award for our great former PM, well... what do you expect? The truth?"). Give up? Sillies, it was that world-renowned and internationally-respected International Statesman Award, issued by the World Affairs Council....of Philadelphia. Shame on the British press (and I'm guessing everyone else's outside Philadelphia) for failing to note the delivery of another bought-and-paid-for gong by a bunch of provincial nobodies to an international nobody.

The other example is, if possible, even better:

The May issue of Public Affairs News magazine reveals that Mr Blair has recruited Rachel Grant, communications director at the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (Nesta), to be his top communications adviser.

Ms Grant is expected to join the Office of Tony Blair later this month. The job entails overseeing the former prime minister’s personal PR and managing communications around his extensive lobbying operations.


In the new role, Ms Grant will help Mr Blair boost his UK profile, following critical media coverage around his overseas lobbying activities. The former prime minister has faced heavy scrutiny over Tony Blair Associates, his consultancy providing guidance for foreign governments.

A source close to Mr Blair said he was now keen to do more in the UK .

“He wants to re-engage in the UK ,” said the source. “He has things to say and he thinks it’s the right time.

“The question is how he re-enters the UK scene without re-entering domestic politics and interfering with the Labour Party. He wants to intervene where he can add value to political debate, but it will be above party politics.”

So the Ego-In-Chief has appointed a new head of marketing for his lobbying business (after all, when you take millions for political lobbying nobody expects you actually to do the lobbying yourself). He wants to "re-engage" in the UK: well maybe he shouldn't have made his first priority after being sacked as PM the betrayal of his loyal Sedgefield constituents. He wants to "add value to political debate" but remain "above party politics". Oh my God, he's after a job with the Murdoch press.

As for boosting his UK profile, isn't going down in history as the most corrupt and incompetent Prime Minister of both the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, not to mention the man who tried to destroy the Labour Party (and may have succeeded) and our most infamous war criminal enough to be going on with?


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