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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guns and butter

Following on from my recent post about terrorism in the Israeli Occupied Territories, here are reports of a couple more attacks.

And I thought these statistics made interesting reading. A country - "the only democracy in the Middle East", forsooth - which receives billions of dollars every year in aid from the USA, has 10% of its people suffering from hunger and 2% from severe hunger, not to mention the 19% suffering from food insecurity (below the poverty line but not yet actually malnourished). So what is this democracy doing with all that money which is more important to its leaders than feeding their own people?

The Israeli government from time to time puts out propaganda purporting to show how prosperous and well-fed the people in Gaza are (though this article from the right-wing and generally pro-Israeli British Daily Telegraph puts those claims in some perspective). Perhaps the Netanyahu regime believes its own hasbara, which would explain why it denies its own citizens the freedom to visit Gaza: they might not want to come back to starve in Israel.


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