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Friday, May 25, 2012

EDL: protesting about non-existent paedophile gangs while being led by a real paedophile

I posted recently about some folks' obsession with the supposed "grooming" of young girls for sexual abuse by "Muslim gangs". Well, the English Defence League, who really are as stupid as they appear, are still banging on about it, this time in rural Worcestershire, despite the total lack of evidence and clear statements by the police that they're talking rubbish. But what do the police know? I mean, people who spend their lives investigating crimes and suspicions of crimes in a community coudn't possibly know as much as a bunch of neo-Nazi thugs bussed in from hundreds of miles away (and who probably couldn't find Redditch on a map).

Though actually, the EDL's leader Stephen Lennon (who finds the name "Tommy Robinson" more appealing, or perhaps simply finds having several names aids his escape from tight corners) clearly knows plenty about sexually abusing underage girls.


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