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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Earth to Bonni - not every candidate for elected office appreciates having his name falsely linked with a supporter of violent neo-Nazis

Bonni, the Holocaust-denying Nazi over at BareNakedIslam, is usually good for a laugh, but today is quite special. It's not at all surprising to see her posting outright lies - indeed she posts little else - but today she is exposed as an unrepentant liar: a sort of BareFacedLiar, you might say.

In this post, Bonni claims that Rev Jesse Lee Peterson has been calling on voters to support odious neofascist "Rabbi" Nahum Shifrem in the impending California primary. As she puts it,

In the spirit of Allen West, Rev. Peterson stands for the same Judeo-Christian values and love of country that we do. Not surprisingly, he loathes Barack Obama.

No, no, it's not the "love of country" or the "Judeo-Christian values" that especially show up Bonni's mandacity, though she wouldn't recognise either if it were poured into her from an enema bag. No, it's that Jesse Lee Peterson is the founder of an organisation called BOND (Brotherhood Organisation for a New Destiny). (You can enjoy his views on the benefits of slavery, and why women should not be allowed to vote, here.) A representative of BOND posted the following comment on Bonni's post:

May 23, 2012 at 12:20 pm
Bare Naked Islam: For the record, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has made no endorsement in the current Senate race that Rabbi Shifren is involved in. The video that you are showing is from a past race. We ask that you remove your current post and print a clarification. Thanks so much, Patrick Rooney Operations Manager, BOND

Here is Bonni's reply:

May 23, 2012 at 12:53 pm 
PR, if he endorsed him before, why wouldn’t he now? I’m not taking it down. And what proof do you have that this is from a past race?

Patrick Rooney, possibly gobsmacked that Bonni imagines that she knows the views of his boss (whom she has clearly never met) better than he does, patiently tries again:

May 23, 2012 at 2:50 pm 
Here’s the original post of You Tube video, note the date in 2010. This is not a current endorsement. Our request of you still stands. We appreciate your cooperation.

With the same result:

May 23, 2012 at 3:09 pm 
PR, do you have evidence that he no longer supports the Rabbi?

So there you are. The woman - well, lets say she initially makes a mistake as to when a video clip was shot. Then someone working for the organisation she is slandering by associating it with a vile Nazi writes to point out the error, very politely, and asks her to publish a correction. She blusters, and refuses to retract her statement or publish a correction. he asks nicely again: again she refuses. She publishes slanderous lies and refuses to retract them when the victim (or one of his employees) askes her to do so. You might expect that if it were some Muslim she was slandering: I would hardly expect her to respond if a CAIR representative asked her to stop describing CAIR as a terrorist front. But her victim here is an ultra-conservative Republican, presumably wanting this antisemitic nutter to take her craziness away from his campaign. Not that I mind: if it stops the odious Peterson from getting elected, it's a job well done. But it does show very nicely both her total disconnection from any matters of fact, and her utter stupidity.

Bonni is fond of blaming anything she views as imbecility on inbreeding resulting from first cousin marriages. Well, Bonni says she's a New Yorker, if you believe that, and as New York allows first cousins to marry,  maybe that's why Bonni displays such evident signs of low intellect.


At 24 May, 2012 01:32, Blogger Rob said...

And then of course there's Bonni's commenter "Istanbul_Chick". I donlt know whether she agrees with Peterson that women shouldnt be allowed to vote, but she certainly doesn't want them in the workplace taking jobs that men should rightfully have:

I personally am not happy seeing women on the fire crews in my town....Who do you think I trust to carry me out of a burning building?
It certainly isn’t the twinkle toes who think they are men. God, I hate feminists.

And it's people like Peterson, Bonni, and IstanbullShit who claim that Muslim women must renounce Islam so they can have freedom and equality. Just as long as they stay in the kitchen and keep their mouths shut.


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