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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ain't nobody here but us Jew-hating Nazis

It's Laughing at Nazis time again.

First of all, let's take a look at Greece's Golden Dawn party, briefly part of the government in its attempts to form a coalition.

So Holocaust denial: check. Admiration for Hitler: check. Violent supporters beating up opponents on the streets: check. Sound like good little Nazis to me.

Now let's toddle across to BareNakedIslam and see what Bonni and her pals have to say about them. One of the most vocal of these is "Aussie Brett", in whom I must declare an interest as he has appeared on this site as a troll (here, protesting that although Bonni believes that Jews under the Third Reich were completely free and that it was their own fault so many got gassed, and although she believes that no gays were persecuted by the Nazis, that doesn't make her a Holocaust denier).

Here is Bonni's take on the Golden Dawn party. The comments are hilarious, though. Brett starts the ball rolling, wishing that Australia had a proper Nazi party of its own. Then he goes on to assert that "we have laws that prohibit news bulletins about illegal boats arriving".

A couple of comments down, in a reply to Brett, ShirlinOz writes:

Where on earth do you get that the media in Australia are banned from reporting the arrival of illegal boats from? I have never heard so much rubbish in my entire life. As to this political party it should be banned. It’s a neo-Nazi group and they will target Jews, Gays and Blacks too.

It then gets really funny, because Shirl helpfully posts reports from the Australian media demonstrating that the arrival of boatloads of immigrants is indeed being reported. What's funny, is that here posts are simply ignored totally. Someone called Valhalla posts that these stories are being suppressed, and Bonni tells him to send reports to her so she can print them. Shirl patiently points out to Bonni, whose reading skills clearly aren't up to much, that she has posted evidence that such stories are being freely published in Australia. And Bonni's response?

Shirl, as you know, I have posted a lot of stories about the boat people.

Which rather misses the point. However, eventually Shirl agrees that Bonni has posted a lot of these stories (Bonni admits she alters them before posting to make them less sympathetic to the immigrants, which is interesting though hardly a shock, as she happily makes up totally fake stories when it suits her), and just rages that there are supposedly Australians posting at BNI who clearly haven't a clue about what's in the Australian media. (Are you listening, Brett? Can you read the big words?)

But let's go back to those heroic Nazis of the Golden Dawn. A number of people, Shirl included, post compelling evidence of GD's anti-semitism and Nazi credentials. Stan chips in, and is pulled up by Bonni who firstly denies that GD are Nazis then says it doesn't matter that they hate Jews as there are hardly any Jews in Greece. (Gee, I wonder if she takes that view about antisemitism in Saudi Arabia? Just kidding.) When Stan provides evidence, Bonni says that one of her other readers disagrees about GD being Nazis, so who cares about evidence? So Stan provides more evidence, which provokes the following astonishing outburst from Bonni:

Stan, typical left wing Jewish crap. They always sympathize with Muslims as if they have anything in common. They don’t support the EDL or any other anti-Islam group. Rabbis are the worst, always kissing up to their enemies. Whenever Muslims are bitching about something or fighting to build another mosque, they always have scumbag Rabbis and Jews siding with them. These Jews are as vile as muslims. I don’t give a damn. I support anyone who is against Muslims. Don’t post this stuff again. OR you will be banned.

Shall we just run over that again? "These Jews are as vile as muslims." And we all know Bonni's feelings about Muslims. So unsurprisingly her response to evidence of Golden Dawn's Jew-hatred is "I don’t give a damn". She threatens to ban Stan if he posts such Jew-supporting anti-Nazi stuff again, and when he demands an apology (after all, he is a good little Muslim-hater like her and has supported her before) she does indeed ban him. Which is ironic when you consider all the spleen being vented about (totally false) tales of wicked censorship in Australia.

Anyway, in one post we have Bonni not only showing her opinion of freedom of expression, but demonstrating her hatred of "vile" Jews, and especially their rabbis, AND exhibiting fervent support for a party whose members praise Hitler's policies, sing Nazi songs and give Nazi salutes, whose bookshop sells Hitler's books, and whose leader denied the existence of Nazi gas chambers for killing Jews.

So, Brett, if you've managed to read this far, you can quit your attempts to whitewash Bonni's Holocaust denial, her Nazi sympathies or her general Jew-hatred. You're both entitled to your views, of course: and I am entitled to hope that when Barack Obama is re-elected in November with a large majority she and you, and a substantial number of the hillbilly survivalists who festoon her site, all have strokes and are forced to keep still and silent as your dreams of replacing elected democracies with Nazi dictatorships crumble to dust.


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