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Thursday, April 05, 2012

You know you're on the right track when your opponents get this desperate

Since all the British tabloids (and even the Times, duly linked by the indefatigable Bare Naked Islam) have been publishing bollocks about George Galloway's supposed bigamy, this article makes it clear that - whatever one may think of his sexual morals - Rima Husseini, who is whining that he never divorced her, fails to mention that as far as UK law is concerned he never married her either. What Allah may have to say about it is one thing: Her Majesty's Government's position is dead simple. George Galloway MP has just married his third wife, legally.

You know the Murdoch press and the rest of the tabloids are getting desperate when they are not only reduced to using sex scandals to distract their readers from the real issues, but are reduced to inventing wholly bogus sex scandals for the purpose. What's up guys? Does nobody care about your six-year-old Big Brother clips any more?


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