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Monday, April 09, 2012

The dog may well ski better than us

Hilary and I are in Courchevel in Haute Savoie, France, for a week of ski-ing. It's almost the end of the season here, but the snow is OK in most places. On south-facing slopes or lower down it gets a bit soggy by the afternoon, but to be honest I'm normally getting worn out by then anyway (age, altitude and not having been on skis for a couple of years). No injuries, though a few affronts to the dignity. Last night we went out to a Savoyard restaurant where we both had Croziflette, best described as macaroni cheese with a serious makeover. Magnifique!

Here is a fellow-traveller on the ski bus back to our bit of the resort today.

Not long before getting on the bus, it folded itself up laboriously to lie down in the sun, then decided it was feeling young at heart and did a full-on rolling about in the dust with legs flailing and tail wagging. Then it hauled itself to its feet and ambled off. LOL.


At 10 April, 2012 04:41, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Did you see him on the slopes later?

At 10 April, 2012 16:54, Blogger Rob said...

Sadly not.

At 12 April, 2012 16:58, Blogger Rob said...

Today, however, I saw a guy ski-ing very fast with a dog on a leash and harness. Yay!


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