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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Death Takes A (Taxpayer-funded) Holiday

David Cameron, along with a collection of senior figures from the UK arms industry, have been jetting off on a taxpayer-funded junket to try to drum up trade for our poor beleagured merchants of death and disability. Right now they're in Japan, where while nothing these ghouls do can possibly lead to good, at least they won't do too much harm, as Japan can afford the weaponry and on the whole tends not to use it on its own people or its neighbours. (Well, not recently....)

Later on, though, the DeadBodiesAreUs.co.uk bandwagon will visit Indonesia. From that link you can see that the NuLabour government paid little more attention to its own arms embargo than it did to other inconvenient interruptions to the business of exporting death. Things are not much better in Indonesia now. There are certainly other priorities we should be encouraging the Indonesian government to spend money on instead of buying our useless built-to-fight-the-Cold-War-just-as-it-ended Typhoons (junk-jets). Still, you'd never catch our Prime Minister worrying about foreign victims of human rights abuses when he could be shovelling public money into the gaping gobs of some of our richest (thanks to decades of living off our taxes) and most recession-proof industrialists. Some of them will be the same ones whose prosecution for fraud and corruption was suppressed by Tony Blair's personal intervention (because nobody was such a friend to liars and the financially corrupt as corrupt liar Blair).

And later on they're all going to try to sell their vile wares to Myanmar, that bastion of freedom and democracy. Marvellous.

(I wonder whether Qinetiq will be in the party? You know, as a shining example of British handout-swallowing industry, with their shining twenty-first- nineteenth-century approach to doing business?)

Finally, they're doing all this in an aircraft leased from the Angolan state oil company. Sounds as though the people of Angola will benefit more from this trip than the people of Britain, let alone the poor bloody people of Indonesia or Myanmar.

Ah, screw it. Here's Bob Dylan, with a video prefixed by a quotation from President Eisenhower in the days when the Republican party was to the left of modern-day Democrats, and one from Mussolini from the days when the Italian fascists were still to the right of modern-day Republicans.

Bob Dylan's MASTERS of WAR


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