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Friday, April 06, 2012

But seriously, folks

It's all too easy to take the piss out of Bonni and her fellow hillbilly survivalists over at BareNakedIslam, and it's always good fun laughing at idiots trying to convince the rest of the world that they are the only ones who know the sky is falling.

But of course Bonni and her pals aren't simply funny: they are sick merchants of hatred and violence. I have posted before about Bonni's calls for people with whose views she disagrees to be beheaded, tortured, genitally mutilated or simply murdered, and about her commenters' calls for terrorist attacks against Arabs. I posted here about her call for the murder of an American soldier and her cheering for the murder of a Sikh mistaken for a Muslim, for the murder of UN workers by a suicide bomber, for the murder of Somalis and for the desecration of war graves. And not long ago I drew attention to her describing the murder of a baby as a "public service", to her glee at the drownings of almost a thousand refugees, and her approval of the torture and disfigurement of a prisoner. And in this post (where admittedly I was more interested in poking fun at her thinking Rome was in Spain) I point out that she denies that Hitler imposed any controls on racial intermarriage, or that gays were persecuted under the Nazis.

So what has Bonni been up to recently? Well, she has applauded the beating-up of Jewish rabbis by a mob in Jordan. She whinges that beach volleyball teams in the Olympics will no longer be obliged to wear bikinis (and this from someone who claim that her opposition to Muslim headscarves is support for women's rights and freedoms!) On no evidence whatever she lays this eminently sensible blow for women's dignity and choice at the door of (yawn) Islam. Here she adds to her Rome-is-in-Spain delusion a new one, that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem. And one of her commenters came out with this wonder:

March 29, 2012 at 2:04 pm
Nice one!!!!
So why has Israel just won yet another nobel peace prize, developed a vaccine to cure most cancers, is a world leader in medicine… if it is so bad?

The last Israelis to win the Nobel Peace Prize were Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin in 1994 (shared with Yasser Arafat)....... the vaccine "to cure most cancers" cures one not especially common one (multiple myeloma). And it seems odd that a country which is a "world leader in medicine" has never won a single Nobel Prize for it.

Bonni goes on to tell us that all British Asians are Muslims ("In this documentary, the PC-obsessed Brits refer to Muslims as 'Asians' so as to make you think they are not talking about Muslims"). Well, apart from the thousands who are Hindus or Sikhs, or indeed Christians or atheists.

Muslims are apparently responsible for Islamophobic murders and break-ins at mosques. Well, I suppose if you believe Jews were responsible for the Holocaust there's a logic to that.

A Saudi woman who suffered racist abuse in Norwich was dismised by Bonni thus: "you are not a person, you are a sub-human, inbred plague on humanity". Spoken like a true follower of the Third Reich. Meanwhile, referring to the "Israeli occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights" is apparently "anti-semitic" and justification for being fired.

She fails to see the orony on this post, that the students demanding that Joel Shrum;s murderes be caught and tried are Muslims, doing exactly what she complains Muslims never do: protesting against terrorism.

It is "beyond depraved" for an English teacher in France to refer to the "troubled childhood" of Mohammed Merah, the gunman who murdered seven people. However, when a commenter refers to "the rush to judgement on a severely head-wounded American soldier returned to combat and losing it" (meaning Robert Bales, the US soldier accused of murdering nine Afghans in their beds) she makes no comment. Strange......

An attempted march to the house of Mohammed Merah's mother by women was deliberately misdescribed as "Police prevented a group of Muslim scum from holding a demonstration in memory of the Muslim jihadist". So how is "sorry your boy brought disgrace on your fsmily and our community but we'll help you get through this" a demonstration in memory of the murderer? Oh, wait, because it's Muslims doing it, right?

Some priceless comments though. It would seem that this guy's illiteracy is exceed only by his credulousness:

An EDL Buck says:
March 25, 2012 at 9:09 am
to quote a Scottish counciler, i forget his name but it was on a local talk radio station where he was asked about the tourcher of afgan tailiban and AQ. He drew in a breath and replied,
” If wiring up to a car battery to the genitals of a hundred taliban saves just one British servicemans’ life then all I can say is this.Red is positive, black is negative and make sure his balls are wet.”.
This is the only language they respect.


We also learned from Bonni that two-thirds of British Muslims believe "honour" violence is acceptable. This was in a post about a BBC Panorama programme, which said nothing of the kind (though this is what happens when you uncritically believe everything the
Daily Mail tells you)..

Oh, as well as the Southern Poverty Law Center being anti-American for opposing racism, the Anti-Defamation League are a bunch of Jewish traitors. For, you know, opposing anti-Semitism and all that. I guess they saw the "anti-sharia" law as the thin end of a wedge which would mean they'd have to abandon their own Beth Din courts.

Finally in this round-up, Bonni celebrates the attempted rape of an American "leftist" and the ongoing sexual harassment of Jews. Because nothing demonstrates one's moral superiority to those wicked woman-hating Muslims better than having a few political opponents sexually assaulted.


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