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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

But however hateful he is, the dog will still love him

So in this post Pamela Geller quotes from a guy with an unidentified disability which requires the use of a service dog. This man was at first asked to leave a kebab restaurant when the proprietor saw his dog, but when he explained it was a service dog he was allowed to stay and was served.

So this is a story why?

Of course the reason Geller posts it is that the disabled guy is a crazed loon: not just Islamophobic, not just anti-Christian, but a murderous berserker with whom I wouldn't want to share a postcode, let alone a restaurant.

The very essence of the Judeo-Christian belief is based upon “Loving our neighbors,” but all to frequently forgotten is another teaching of our sacred writings is that if we know that someone is going to kill us “We are “obliged” to kill them before they can kill us. In the context of this teaching, “obliged is stronger than being commanded.” We are not commanded to murder someone because of their belief system or because they are different, but if they are going to kill us, self defense is an imperative. I believe as many of our fellow Americans would like to believe, is that the majority of Muslims here in our country are not about Jihad; HOWEVER, a belief system which commands its believers to deceive and lie to non-adherants about their murderous intentions is most certainly one that should be closely examined.

Do read the whole Loonwatch article: the comments make a heartening counterbalance to all the loons who try to pretend that Muslims ban guide dogs, or that they poison dogs


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