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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Sun: all the news that's fit to fake

What would we do without The Sun, flagship of the Murdoch press? We'd be deprived of stories like this one.

And why would we be deprived of them? Well, because the whole "Brussels loophole" business was exposed as a lie by the by-no-means-pro-Europe Daily Mail back in January. Here are more details from the not-very-Europhile Daily Telegraph.

Knowing that the Sun is happy to print actual fake stories in pursuit of its political objectives, it will be interesting to see how it follows up on this story.

A spokesman for the national chain of 99p Stores said that they had no such age policy in place regarding pencil sharpeners, but defended the actions of the cashier in question. He said: 'Pencil sharpeners are not an age restricted product and if we have refused a sale on this occasion we would rather that our staff are over cautious rather than under cautious.'

OK, we can all have a good laugh, but I bet it will keep being cited by the Sun (and probably the Mail as well) as "evidence" not of a shop assistant's idiocy but of a "safety culture".


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