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Monday, March 19, 2012

Ribbet. Ribbet. Splat.

One for the Forteans and X-Files nuts out there. A series of events....

My wife and I are re-watching
The West Wing on DVD, and a few weeks ago we watched an episode (I forget which) in which Aimee Mann makes an appearance performing one of her songs.

So when picking out CDs for the car a few days later I selected her
Bachelor No 2 or The Last Remains of the Dodo.

While it was my current car CD, but before reaching any of the relevant tracks, something brought to mind the story of the scuba diver found in a tree, and I remembered that I'd seen a film which opened with that story and featured a rain of frogs at its climax. A little Googling showed this to be Magnolia, whose soundtrack features Aimee Mann among others: notably Save Me from the album in my car.

I was discussing this with my daughter in the car, and we were discussing Tom Cruise's role as the guy running "Seduce and Destroy" workshops for men ("Respect the cock. Tame the cunt."

Then this morning, when she gave my wife the Mothers' day card I picture in an earlier post, I stared at her and said I was silently judging her. I couldn't remember what that was a quote from, and she had no idea. But you know, don't you dear reader? It's from Frank T.J. Mackey, Tom Cruise's character in Magnolia.

What males all these coincidences weirder is that Magnolia is a film about, among other things, unlikely coincidences.

Don't worry, I'm not about to get all Fox Mulderish on you. I am well aware of the capacity of the human subconscious to haul stuff into view without tipping us off as to why, and these coincidences can all be ascribed to the monsters from my Id kicking off when I saw Aimee Mann on TV. None of which makes it any less subjectively weird.

Here is the video for that Aimee Mann song, which was filmed on the set of Magnolia. Apparently Paul Anderson got the actors to remain in place at the end of their scenes and she came on and filmed the segments.

My daughter and I were also reminiscing about the "rain of frogs" scene, especially the shot where the camera travels down with a falling frog. I suppose technically this is a spoiler, but I don't think it feels like one.


At 31 March, 2012 18:07, Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Ha - I love Aimee Mann (I seem to remember an appearance in a Buffy episode complaining about playing vampire towns) - but shame on you for not knowing the line from Magnolia.

Great film btw, great soundtrack.


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