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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Look Back In Angus

The head of HR at Angus College in Arbroath (Scotland) had a rather bizarre idea for celebrating International Women's Day: he suggested having a man in a grey suit present a red rose to every female staff member. Not what you might call getting into the spirit of they day (what next - a wet T-shirt contest?) Unsurprisingly, the idea didn't go down very well, and when lecturer Cherry Hopton complained, the head of HR summoned her to a meeting. Ms Hopton not unreasonably asked to know the purpose of the meeting, and said that she intended to take up her right to be accompanied by a union representative. Whereupon she was immediately suspended: told to take her things and leave. You can read the story here. I urge all my readers to sign the online petition in support of Cherry Hopton, and/or to email messages of support to her trade union and of disgust to the college. (Links in the article.)


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