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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Kids are Alright

Having come up with "Cover My World" for the title of the last post, I was reminded of Petula Clark's hit from the 1960s which inspired the pun. Looking for a clip to post, I found this oddity, where a miniskirted Petula is accompanied by a youth band of some kind.

As one of the Youtube commenters says,

Wouldn't it be great if entertainers of today would approach the kids studying music at school and ask them put on a concert with the entertainer singing, what a buzz it'd be to hyave that opportunity, it would inspire so much confidence to acheive more.

And one of the other commenters simply says

My dad is one of the little kids in this video!

And I bet it was a high point of his Dad's life.

P.S. The Youtube sidebar for this clip took me to yet another odd cover version. This time Petula Clark is doing Paul Stookey's The Wedding Song. Now there is a song that one imagines has had a lot of dodgy covers (it's supposedly still one of the most popular pieces of wedding music in the USA). However, Petula Clark doesn't do dodgy, so this one is fine.


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