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Friday, March 23, 2012

The dog it was that died

Just to show that I sometimes peer into other anti-Muslim hate sites apart from BarenakedIslam (and that of Bonni's fellow-traveller Uncle Jimmy), here is a report (admittedly one enthusiastically linked at BNI) from another such, on a spate of dog poisonings in Bradford. Note the highly revealing passage below:

We don't know this was Muslims. But West Yorkshire is one of the most heavily Muslim-colonised parts of Britain. That's where Bradford is, for example. Also the fact that pork was used each time is very curious. Muslims are not prohibited from handling pork, only eating it. And "pork-eaters" is one of their favourite insults for infidels. In these incidents, the pork element could provide both an extra sadistic twist and a kind of justification; as the Muslim would see it, the dog would have died because it made the immoral choice of eating pork and therefore was the author of its own demise.

Ah, right. We have no evidence of any Muslim connection, so we invent one. We and our chums daub pork products over mosques because we imagine it repels Muslims like garlic for vampires, but when it suits us we suddenly remember that these "colonisers" are allowed to touch it. And then we twist logic so that now "the pork element" is a sign of Muslim perpetration? DUH!

How about: a bunch of West Yorkshire racists left poisoned pork around in the hope that a Muslim child might touch it and be poisoned or at the very least rendered ritually unclean? And the meat was accidentally eaten by local dogs? Seems no more far-fetched than the hate-filled loon's suggestion.

I wonder if s/he had anything to do with this?

Meanwhile, a few inconvenient facts.


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