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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement, for even the wise cannot see all ends.

...I'm not going to gloat over Andrew Breitbart's recent death like so many others. Any man's death diminishes me, &c &c, and even a homophobic white supremacist liar presumably had someone somewhere who loved him. I couldn't bring myself to cheer over bin Laden's death: I can't cheer over Breitbart's. Hell, I won't even cheer when Ariel Sharon eventually dies, though I consider him to have a good claim to being the most evil man still drawing breath*. In Sharon's case I will be glad, though that's because anything must be better for his family than six years with him in a vegetative state.

Still on the topic of loathsome racist homophobes who love nothing more than ruining lives by telling lies - BNI has been off the air again...awwww. As before, she and her sock puppets are blaming it on those wicked Muslims at CAIR. Last time of course it was nothing to do with CAIR: Wordpress binned her for persistently publishing the email and IP addresses of critical commenters and calling for their harassment. This time her blog was being hosted by a bunch of end times fundies, so perhaps it crashed because the end of the world really is at hand. Or maybe because they aren't too comfortable with any technology newer than fire. But of course it couldn't be down to the nutjobs' technical incompetence, oh nooo. It's wicked Mooslim hackers. Personally I still think if anyone could be bothered to hack such a pathetic site it was probably the world's hackers-in-chief, the Israeli government. After all, they might just take her Holocaust denial and antisemitic attacks personally.

Bonni's death wouldn't make me cheer, but I'd be too busy cheering that something had permanently shut her up for the manner of its taking place to put much of a dent in my good mood. Which I suppose is close to how I feel about Breitbart, though I never had any personal interaction with him.

At least, as we're no closer to finding anyone left to blame for the Rwandan atrocities.


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