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Friday, March 23, 2012

Blair, BlairSupporter, and Lewis Carroll

Mahdi Hasan in the New Statesman on Blair's ignorant hunger for war with Iran.

And here is his brilliant putdown of dense Blairite John Rentoul on the same subject.

Meanwhile, over at lets-pretend-tony-blair-is-still-eligible-to-be-prime-minister, BlairSupporter (aka Uncle Jimmy) - who is one of Rentoul's few fans - is refighting lost battles. And not even his own, but Stan Rosenthal's.

After all, what is the point of having enquiries and tribunals if they don't return the verdict you want? If Paxman wasn't fired from the BBC for his supposed offences, then it is the clear duty of all good little Blairites to besmirch his reputation with all those misdeeds of he was cleared. And if he was cleared then as WE ALL KNOW he is the embodiment of wicked failure to bend the knee to the Sainted Blair, it follows as the night the day that the BBC's investigation must have been corrupt.

Actually, it may be that I've just failed to notice, but I haven't seen Stan himself playing the bad loser over this. I disagree with almost everything I've ever read from Stan (he's turned up here from time to time), but I see him as someone to put defeat behind him and march on to the next fight, all his attention directed ahead. I dare say he's out there demanding war against Iran, but I doubt whether the Paxman affair troubles him much these days. As a read of the BBC Trust's report makes clear, Stan made several attempts at the time to win his argument. He lost every one, and, running out of available appeals, stopped. Stan, unlike Jimmy, seems to have taken W C Fields' advice to heart: "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then stop. No use making a damn fool of yourself." Advice that comes too late for Uncle Jimmy even if he were to pay it any attention.

As a lifelong Lewis Carroll fan I was until today too busy wincing at Jimmy's clumsy Blu-tacking of quotations from the Alice books onto his anti-Paxman diatribe to spot that (like so many Americans with a patchy knowledge of things British) he mixes up the Alice books and imagines that Through The Looking Glass is set in Wonderland. (But..but...Walt Disney said so!...what right do these uppity Brits with their scones and their Cambridge common rooms have to nitpick?)

In any case, surely The Barrister's Dream from The Hunting of the Snark would provide Jimmy with a far better fit (ha! see what I did there?) The problem of course is that Jimmy is unlikely ever to have heard of that work, which Walt Disney disobligingly neglected to turn into a cartoon.

He might also appreciate this map from the same work, which not only shows clearly the locations of all Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, but those of Iran too.


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