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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade...

...and when nasty hate-filled American bigots like Uncle Jimmy make unjustified (and unjustifiable) assumptions about perfect strangers as a stepping-stone to inciting online harassment against them, you take the opportunity to promote those he is slandering.

After reading this extraordinary piece of bile spewed by Jimmy (BlairSupporter) against Diane Abbott for having the temerity (a) to have voted against the Iraq War and (b) to be proud of it (as she damned well should be), I wondered who the poor souls were who retweeted Ms Abbott and in return had their Twitter IDs published by this POS, presumably so his fellow-travellers in EDL/UKIP could harrass them a bit. (Not so much "name and shame" as "name and sit back gloating as my pals send them all death threats".) So I Googled the names, not expecting too much (most names are far from unique, after all) and got some interesting results.

Jimmy tells us that he's "sure" (Hmm, "We All Know", Jimmy?) they're all Old Labourites. What, even Lynne Featherstone? That's
Lynne Featherstone, Lib Dem MP for Hornsey & Wood Green and Minister for Equalities at the Home Office? (And yes, it's the same one, as Jimmy helpfully provided her picture.) Does Jimmy know the difference between Old Labour and the Liberal Democrats? Maybe not: his ignorance of British politics is pretty abysmal, and once you move to the left of the BFP and UKIP he probably can't tell them apart. He once cautioned his readers against mistaking Tony Blair for a "true Marxist", as though THAT was ever likely.

Jennifer Hynes I'm not TOTALLY sure of, but Googling her name with "Iraq" keeps bringing up someone in Plymouth. I suppose she could be Old Labour (certainly she opposed the Iraq War) but she has posted on a forum to complain about puerile name-calling against Tony Blair over Iraq. There's also a Jennifer Hynes who served on HMS Illustrious (not incompatible with a Plymouth address). She seems to be a pretty serious Catholic, and a proponent of gay rights (nearly as bad for Jimmy as being Old Labour). But hey, no big fan of the extreme left, and contributed this to the National Secular Society's blog.

From Jennifer Hynes:

I refer to the letter from Sue Cauty in the last Newsline regarding “stealth jihad”. I’ve just gone back to re-read the Telegraph article and read Edith Crowther’s post. It smacks of right-wing conspiracy theory to me. Islam is a problem as an ideology, as I believe I have posted elsewhere, but immigration being used to take over our societies? Do the immigrants know what they are doing? Even the ones who embrace secular culture? And at the rate Muslims are flocking to this country, I doubt we will ever see a United Caliphate of Great Britain. And Northern Ireland. We’ll all be speaking Cantonese long before then if China’s rapid growth and impending global dominance is anything to go by.

The most extensive immigrant population of recent years originates in Eastern Europe, the vast majority Roman Catholic. Nobody is suggesting that we are being (re)Catholicised. Well, apart from the dubious old men in frocks who run the Roman Catholic Church that is.

The immigration theory is almost as ludicrous as the intentional breeding theory. Muslim families are large not due to a wish to Muslimate the world, but because children are seen as a blessing from god. That and because Islam doesn’t give you many choices for fun. Possibly.

What is truly worrying is the way many non-Muslims view Islam; out of bounds for criticism. The ever-present threat of being called a racist seems to stifle debate in leftist circles and debate is all but impossible with the extreme left. Rational, honest and critical debate is sadly lacking about Islam today on the British political left, and even the mainstream political right seems to be joining the “don’t bash Islam” camp. The real issue isn’t one of Muslim immigration, it is one of sacralising Islam beyond cultural criticism.

Ah, now we have it: Jimmy doesn't hate her because she's "Old Labour", he hates her because she doesn't fall for his favourite Muslim-hating lies. As Jimmy's blog still contains accusations that Muslims are murderous (non-British) paedophiles who carry out human sacrifice, you can see that he would wish to encourage a few cyber-bricks to be lobbed at Ms Hynes.

Bernadette Hawkes (again, identity confirmed by the picture Jimmy publishes) is a UKCP registered Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. She does a lot of work with refugees and the black and Asian communities, so a perfectly logical target for racist Jimmy to attack. Heavens above, she's published articles calling for the treatment of sex offenders rather than their being imprisoned and beaten up: CLEARLY an Old Labour leftist. Probably reads the Guardian too.

Julia Ross (identity confirmed by her Twitter ID) is a recruitment consultant based in Hackney who writes for the Hackney Citizen, so her connection to Diane Abbott (MP for Stoke Newington) is as likely to be local as political. Certainly her articles seem to be more about local new and arts than anything to do with politics.. But why should Jimmy let facts get in the way of a bit of cheap, cowardly victimisation?

All of them, I dare say, are decent people whose sole "crime" was to retweet something on Twitter with which they agreed, and with which Jimmy did not. Jimmy, of course, knows all about death threats on Twitter, or says he does. All the more hypocritical then for him to encourage them (and I would love to hear why he posted those Twitter IDs if not to encourage threatening responses).


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