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Sunday, February 05, 2012

When the facts contradict the Islamophobic lies, print the Islamophobic lies

In Islamophobic circles, fake atrocities never go out of fashion. Take this story. I read it and thought, surely Bonni and BareNakedEndTimes wouldn't have passed up that opportunity to stir up hatred with a little hoodwinking? And of course, she had it last year. To judge fron the comments under her post, some poor idiots are still falling for it.

It's hardly an isolated instance, though. Take the wholly fictitious "celebrations" in Gaza when the family of Israeli settlers was murdered in Itamar. Or this one, still being linked to by BareNakedIslam and still wholly imaginary.

When you run out of fake atrocities, make up fake crime statistics instead. For example, you can claim that all rapes in Norway are committed by Muslim immigrants. (Ignoring the vast majority committed, according to the police, by Norwegian and other European whites.) It's always easy to find things like this, because the government-sponsored Israeli media pump such lies out by the ton. And there you were thinking that Israel didn't innovate and export. Who knows, soon they may be world leaders in hate videos.

Oh, talking of hate videos, I was interested to find, when reading up on our home-grown neo-Nnazi hatemonger Pat Condell, that Richard Dawkins is a big fan. Indeed, the people at his website seem to have been instrumental in actively promoting Condell's hate speech. Any remaining respect I had for Dawkins (I really liked his early books when he wrote about genetics rather than railing against religion) just evaporated.


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