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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Run Devil Run

I've been listening to Paul McCartney's Run Devil Run in the car this week. It's an album comprising mostly cover versions of 1950s classic rock and roll. Here are a couple of favourite tracks.

Yes, that's Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd on lead guitar. Strange to see him playing something other than a Stratocaster.

And this is wonderful:

Paul reckoned it was the most obscure song he covered on the album: a hit for the Vipers skiffle group back in the day. Their version was certainly different:

Most famous member of the Vipers was Wally Whyton, later to become a children's TV presenter. Another member was John Pilgrim, washboard player extraordinaire. I used to go to a local folk festival when I was still at university, and several years running ended up in a scratch band playing everything from Cajun stuff to Django Reinhardt/Stephane Grappelli numbers. I was on fiddle and John was on washboard, with Trevor Crozier, Joe Beard of the Purple Gang and members of resident band Bullock Smithy generally taking part. not a bad band to have played in if you wanted to play Six Degrees of Separation some time (Crozier, Beard and Pilgrim between them must have had connections to practically the entire British music scene). It will come as no surprise to regulars of this blog that my late brother was the eminence grise (or more accurately eminence chauve) behind this collaboration, in conjunction with Trevor who would go on to be best man at his wedding.


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