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Thursday, February 02, 2012

A mystery wrapped inside a fake wrapped inside a ZioBlairite....

Let's return to Jules et Jim, aka BlairSupporter and "Julie". You will remember fom my recent post that they had both been receiving threats, in Julie's case pretty serious ones, from a Twitter-using nutter called Shereef Abdallah. You may also recall that Julie described herself as Julie Anna: her Facebook ID is julieanna87. Hold that thought (noting only that the 87 is consistent with her being a 24-year-old student).

Now, if you Google that Facebook ID her blog comes up, showing that we have the right Julie Anna. Also this interesting page. So Julie Anna lives in Puyallup, in Washington state, USA. Well, that explains her closeness to Jimmy: but supposedly Crazy Abdallah turned up at her university. So is she an American studying over here? her profile suggests otherwise, but maybe it's just incomplete. Perhaps that's how Jimmy gets his news from the UK.

Another point of interest: why has Julie's blog vanished from Jimmy blogroll? It used to be there. And why is KTBFPM not on Julie's? After all, they're clearly friends and fellow Blairites, as well as fellow Americans.

And no, sorry, I can't resist. If Julie Anna lives in Puyanna, WA, does she have a "garlic aroma that could level Tacoma?"


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