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Sunday, February 19, 2012

My son, the drummer

Second from the right here is my son Ruairidh, drummer with this band (though mostly still a student at Stevenson College). He's having a good year: another band he's involved in is playing for the Scottish Children's Book Awards on Thursday. Here are a couple of articles from local papers:

first, one highlighting the guitarist in the band,

then one featuring Ruairidh.

I know Asperger's is an autistic spectrum disorder, and the article is perfectly accurate about how it has affected Ruairidh, but seeing my son baldly described as "Autistic teenager" makes me feel ever so slightly like Rain Man's Dad. Which of course I'm not, as thirty seconds chatting to my (these days) pretty normal teenaged son would show. But why not spend the thirty seconds listening to one of the recordings on the RRBB website instead?

Here he is in a different student band (from last year), channelling his inner Joe Morello (a recording I like all the more as I've been a big Dave Brubeck fan since I was much younger than Ruairidh). Oh, and drummers come with hats:


At 27 February, 2012 22:50, Blogger Eddie Louise said...

Thanks for this. Love that R is getting so much play!

Wasn't impressed with the overly saccharine take on R with Asperger's tho - too much 'See the Circus Freak perform' mentality behind that piece and it slighted the other band members. I certainly hope the rest of the coverage was better.

The link to the first article seems to be broken - it just goes to the homepage of RRBB. Nice music tho!

Hope all is well with you are yours!


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