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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Oliwood!

Our favourite American neo-Nazi, Bonni the Holocaust-denying fake Jew at Bare Naked Islam, posts this.

Hmmm. A ultra-right-wing American film crew just HAPPENs to be filming an anti-Muslim hate piece in illegally-occupied East Jerusalem, when an American emigre herding a flock of Americans around the Mount of Olives CLAIMS to have seen a stoning incident nearby. Uh-huh. What a coincidence, NOT. Then we see a picture (from somewhere) of a broken car window, and one of two guys, one of whom has a sticking plaster on his face, interspersed with a library picture of a couple of stone-throwing kids.

The Jewish-American "source" says that he is certain that if the men had not kept on driving – they would have been lynched. Maybe. (And if my aunt had had balls she would have been my uncle.) He believes that all stone-throwing incidents should be treated as terrorist attacks (unlike the
actual terrorist attacks perpetrated almost daily by "settlers" using bullets against their Palestinian neighbours). But then he is being funded by unindicted war criminal Allen West and others of that kind to come out with phoney victim stories.

I think United West and/or MK Security should give the names of the "Jewish victims" they employed for the photoshoot. Reputable film companies provide proper credits.


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