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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Jules et Jim

I have been interested in the relationship between Uncle Jimmy's blog and that of his long-time fan Julie ever since this post appeared. Jimmy links to a similar post on Julie's blog, which is fair enough. The strange thing is that when the post first appeared they were totally identical (word for word). After a lengthy period when both blogs were (with a strange simultaneity) hidden behind password-protected firewalls, one or both has been edited so that there are now differences, but at the time I wondered whether Julie was simply an alias of Jimmy.

Despite their both receiving threats of violence from a nutter on Twitter, I no longer think they're one and the same: in the press coverage of Julie's troubles she is described as a 24-year-old student, which hardly fits Jimmy's "ageing American racist" profile. Also here she gives her name as Julie Anna and provides a different, if not much more flattering, picture than the one on her blog (in this one she looks a little weird, but not like a transvestite at least). She attends a university: I very much doubt Jimmy's ability to get into a British university, what with his insistence that all leftists are homosexuals and that Tony Blair's initials are written in the stars. Not even with Michael Gove as Education Secretary (though he might well agree with both propositions).


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