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Sunday, February 19, 2012

How Green Was My Hilltop

This site is directly opposite our house (the source of much hooting of tawny owls at night and the occasional fox trotting down the driveway) so we are viewing its redevelopment with some interest. As well as a number of listed buildings the site contains a lot of unspoiled urban woodland: a real green lung. Plus the hill itself (as per the picture) is a grand viewpoint and open space. When Napier University moved in they remodelled the entrance to the site and built a new driveway (across the road from us) but for the most part they left the woodlands alone. They cut down some very large trees - three or four - alongside the main road to put in the new drive, which was a shame visually but not catastrophic for the wildlife as they were a bit too exposed to be nest sites or whatever.

Here is a satellite's-eye view of the site ('A' marks the spot, so to speak). You can see for yourselves how much green space there is. Whatever happens to the site, there is going to be less.


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