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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Dutch Resistance 1: Nazis 0

At last: a police chief with the spine to stand up to the Euronazis.

Amsterdam police chief Bernard Welten has said that his police force will not be arresting women who wear burqas in defiance of the soon-to-be introduced ban demanded by Geert Wilders' Nazi "Freedom" Party as part of a coalition deal (and you think WE have coalition problems....) I suppose partly it's that he has to police a city full of violent drug smugglers and other international criminals, so wasting time on Wilders' Islamophobic obsessions and making women's live miserable because their skin is the wrong colour probably seem counter-productive. But he has described his decision as "a form of civil disobedience", so it's clearly more than that. As the Dutch As-Soenna group said on its website Al-yaqeen.com, “Evidently the Netherlands still has people in prominent positions whom it can be proud of.” As can we all.


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