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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

BareNakedIslam throws truth to the lions and denies the Holocaust

Oh God, this is so funny.

To be fair, Bonni at BareNakedIslam has simply taken her "facts" from the title of the video (from Christian Broadcasting Network, so what do you expect?) But children, what is wrong with this headline?

SPAIN UNDER SEIGE: The second Islamic conquest of Spain is underway.

Muslims want to turn the most famous arena, the Coliseum, into a giant mosque. In fact, some cities in Spain now look more like the Middle East. Muslims, who once ruled most of nation, are returning in large numbers.

Hand up there at the back?.... No, Rebecca, I didn't mean the fact that she can't spell "siege", but well spotted. Yes Kelly?...... That's right, the Coliseum is in Rome. And where is Rome, anybody? .... That's right, in Italy. Yes, darling, the lady is silly to mix up Spain and Italy, even though they are both in Europe and full of funny people who smell of garlic and don't speak English very well.

What's that, Megan? You think funny old Ms Intall smells of garlic and doesn't speak English very well either? Well, you could be right.

Incidentally, any Muslim intending to convert the Coliseum into a mosque would be well advised to install modern amenities such as, well, floors.


A couple of posts further down, Bonni links to this hilarious chart supposedly comparing totalitarian ideologies.

Let's pretend for a moment that Islam is a totalitarian ideology and that the boxes purporting to describe it are not wholly fictitious. (The one on dietary restrictions is right, though it that's a sign of totalitarianism then all those folk who describe Israel as a totalitarian state are onto something.) Let's look at how Bonni - and remember she pretends to be a Jew - thinks of Nazism. Apparently under the Nazis you could marry whoever you wanted (only true if neither of you was a Jew, a Slav, disabled or otherwise imperfect). You could wear whatever you liked, so all those Jews with the big yellow stars saying "Jude" were just making fashion statements, like the ones in the stylish striped pyjamas (and I guess the latter might feel that their freedom to eat and drink what they liked was curtailed somewhat as well). And the Nazis tolerated sexual freedom: who knew? Certainly not the thousands of gays who died in the camps, or the thousands more who were castrated.

In Berlin, across the road from the big Holocaust memorial, is a smaller one to all the gays and lesbians murdered by the Nazis.

The person in the picture is looking in at the video screen, which shows a continuous loop of two men kissing.

Yes, children, I think this Holocaust-denying American "Jew" needs to go back to school and learn some European history as well as geography.