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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

This aid isn't helping

A fascinating documentary on how European aid to Palestine - in its present form - is doing more harm than good to the Palestinian economy. Not to mention the way in which it underpins and perpetuates the Israeli occupation.

If Tony Blair were really serious about improving the Palestinian economy (the job for which, after all, he draws a gigantic salary) you would think he might have at least attempted to deal with some of these problems. Clearly he has other priorities.

The Palestinians desperately need help to restore their crippled economy. Allowing the illegal invaders who crippled it to control how donor aid is spent is never going to work. Paying to keep the Palestinians alive and unable to rebuild their self-sufficiency is never going to work. And unless the aid is spent on creating jobs rather than causing structural distortions which prevent job creation, most Palestinians are never going to work either.


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