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Friday, January 13, 2012

Of fifteen steps he has made but three

I found myself humming this at work today. Not sure why, but it's good to share.

God, I bought that record back in 1973? 74? It still sounds great.

Steve Ashley is accompanied here by the first incarnation of the Albion Country Band: Ashley Hutchings bass, Sue Draheim fiddle, Simon Nicol electric guitar, Dave Mattacks drums, harmonium, Royston Wood, tambourine

The images on this video are pretty dumb, but whenever I hear this song I get a really vivid picture of Lord Bateman's porter taking the message to his master in a state of utter confusion. Also of Lord Bateman's precipitate descent to greet his visitor.

Enjoy. You can ponder how much is traditional and how big a contribution was made by William Makepeace Thackeray who supposedly "collected" it. Not that it matters.


At 13 January, 2012 10:24, Blogger Phil said...

I'd never heard that version of the words before - good stuff.

Here's a mash-up waiting to happen:
Fifteen Step (Nic Jones's Lord Bateman is in 5/4, so it could work).

And here's one that already has:

Take Fifteen

Oh, and this is me (as, more recently and a bit more accomplishedly(?), is this). (End of plug.)

At 17 January, 2012 02:43, Blogger Rob said...

Interested to hear your version of "On Christmas Day It Happened So" which I only know otherwise from the recording by The Valley Folk. I'm sure there is an interesting paper to be written about what one might term "Jesus the Asshole" in folk traditions, of which the best-known exemplar is "The Bitter Withy". I find it hard to believe there are only two such English songs, or that no other traditions have something similar. Perhaps someone's done it already, but I've never personally encountered any attempt at an overview. (Though I had made a note to myself to do a blog post on it, funnily enough.)


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