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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Not holding my breath for the good news

I was looking forward to posting the excellent news that the BareNakedIslam white supremacist site had been closed down by Wordpress for violating its terms of service (something to do with posting calls for the extermination of Muslims and the destruction of mosques). As regulars here will know, BNI her/itself frequently expresses the desire to see leftists beheaded or mutilated on Youtube, and despite a fiercely enforced gatekeeping policy for comments the odd few thousand calls for genocide of Muslims, Jews, gays and socialists (not to mention the violent overthrow of the elected US government) seem to slip through.

Well, the site is back up for now, though apparently "Bonni" has been given until 6th January to tidy the blog up and piss off. I'll believe it when I see it: if Wordpress has had no problem with the site's content for all these years, I don't believe it will suddenly have a change of heart. The resurrection of the site at all after its closure suggests that pressure has been applied from rich right-wingers.


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