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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All feedback gratefully received

I just received a lovely email:

Hello Rob,

I'm from Austin, Texas USA, and my students performed After Juliet at the 2010 Fringe. One of my students' parents recently reminded me of your review of our first performance. I just wanted to thank you for the kind words. Our students were so excited to see the review when we returned from Scotland. It meant a lot to them. I was going to email you way back then, but the school year had already started when we returned, and we were off and running with rehearsals for the next show! I forgot, and time got away from me.

The trip to Edinburgh was truly amazing! From the friendly people to the gorgeous city (make that gorgeous Scotland), to the history and culture, we all just fell in love with your city and country. It is my hope that I will return some day.

Anyway, while I was thinking of it, I wanted to write this long overdue email to say thanks for attending our performance and for making a group of Austin teenagers feel appreciated.

Patty MacMullen

It was Don Marquis, of Archy and Mehitabel fame (and if you're not familiar with those books, I recommend you give them a shot) who likened authors who waited eagerly for reaction from their readers to someone dropping a pebble into the Grand Canyon and listening for an echo. The same is largely true of blogging, especially when writing reviews, so a reminder that one's work is both read and valued is especially welcome.

It may even inspire me (or shame me enough) to complete my reviews of the 2011 Edinburgh Festivals.


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