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Friday, January 27, 2012

How The West Was Ridiculed - and hilarious lies from an Israel-First nutjob

This is a fantastic piece on Allen West, or as we prefer to call him here, "unindicted war criminal Allen West".

The comments are also great, though the last one, from Robert Kunst, brought me to an abrupt halt. I'd read almost all of it before I realised it wasn't a Daily Onion-style parody but a genuine example of utter gibberish from an Israel-firster.

I especially like Mr Kunst's claim to have visited 31 of the Nazi death camps. That would be the 6 real death camps (Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek, Treblinka, Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor) and 25 imaginary ones (staffed perhaps by Barack Obama and George Soros?) Doesn't this moron realise that it is exactly this kind of witless exaggeration - terming any kind of prison camp a "death camp" - that fuels Holocaust denial? I have personally visited one Nazi concentration camp, the one at Dachau near Munich. God knows it is a grim place redolent of suffering, and people certainly died there, but that isn't what it was built for. Dachau was fitted with a gas chamber near the end of the war but fortunately the opportunity for its use was denied by the Allied invasion. (It was apparently tested, and I'm not naive enough to imagine the Nazis would test it on canaries or mice: but the gas chamber in any California prison will have killed hundreds of times more people, and we don't refer to the California State Penitentiaries as "death camps". FWIW, standing in even that relatively pristine room is as creepy as fuck, and reduced my wife to tears.)

But where to begin with his comment? The Palestinians in the Intifadas were "aligned with Hitler"? (Who died half a century earlier.) Arabs deny the Holocaust existed: well, apart from the inconvenient fact that many thousands of them died in it. The "holyland" is 5000 years old, apparently. I'm not sure whether this is a Young Earth Creationist's idea of the region's geology: it can hardly be anything to do with the state of Israel, which will soon celebrate its 64th birthday. Clearly, as with "death camps", counting isn't Mr Kunst's strong point. (From his comment, neither is English, but then he IS a Floridian.) "Obama wants the Jewish holy sights (sic) to be under the control of the U.N." Actually, when Israel was founded it was stipulated in the text that Jerusalem would be a U.N. protectorate. That lasted precisely as long as it took for the Israelis to grab it, of course: so strictly speaking it isn't only East Jerusalem which is illegally occupied, but the whole city. A little less whingeing about a place to which you have no right whatsoever might be in order, but then the President of Shalom International is hardly going to cease whining as long as breath remains in his body.

"Those Jews who sold out their fellow Jews then were called 'Judenrats'." Er, no, actually that isn't what "Judenrat" means at all. Wow, such a Holocaust expert: understands no German and scarcely any English, denies the deaths of non-Jews in the Holocaust, claims to have visited camps that never existed. All he knows is that Israel had a right to the whole Middle East thousands of years before it was even invented, and that HIS President Barack Obama is a Muslim. Really, if creeps like this hate America so much and love Israel so much more, who the hell is detaining them? I'm sure there are flights from Orlando to Tel Aviv. Perhaps in November when Allen West loses his seat (as he is expected to do) and Pres. Obama is re-elected, Kunst will do the decent thing and head off to where his religious fascism will be better received.


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